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Diamond Sauce Disposable 5g | Bubba Kush

Diamond Sauce Disposable 5g | Bubba Kush

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  • Content: Packed with a blend of THC-A Diamonds, THC-P, Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, and LIVE ROSIN, along with Natural Terpenes
  • Potency: Each vape device contains an impressive 5 grams of the component mix
  • Legal Status: All ingredients are derived from 100% USA-grown hemp and are federally compliant
  • Effect: This 5g Disposable enriched with premium LIVE ROSIN, delivers a serene and powerful experience. Savor the classic, sweet hashish flavors with subtle hints of chocolate and coffee, making it ideal for relaxation. Its sleek design offers convenience and style, bringing you a top-tier, hassle-free indulgence.


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