What's Inside?

- 20 gummies per poucht

- 500mg of T.H.C. per gummy (10000mg T.H.C.per pouch)

- Long-Lasting & Powerful Effects

- Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 Live Resin, HHC, THC-P, & THC-A

- 100% Legal Satus


10X STRONGER Than Any D9 THC Gummies

Guarantee the Highest Concentration of THC per Gummy in the Market - 500mg/gummy

Market Average - 50mg/gummy

"I'm a high-tolerance person and this are the best. The 500mg THC hit like a Mack truck. I take one and I'm good for a solid 6-7 hours"

Albert Z. New-York

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D9 Smasher - New Flavors

D9 Smasher - New Flavors

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Relax in the Evening After Work:

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1 DOZO gummy VS 10 D9 gummies of other brands

This means that the EFFECT OF 1 GUMMY is the SAME as that of 10 GUMMIES competitors